Designing Sound Systems for Churches: Bose Professional Solutions

As a place of worship, a church's sound system is crucial in creating an immersive and engaging experience for its congregation. Whether it's for spoken word, singing, or musical performances, a well-designed sound system is essential for delivering clear and intelligible audio.

Bose Professional is a trusted name in the audio industry, offering a range of solutions for churches looking to upgrade or install a new sound system. From standalone speakers and amplifiers to fully integrated systems, Bose Professional has options to suit the needs of any church.

Below are some of our recommendations for church audio.


For small churches The Bose Professional RoomMatch Utility RMU208 Loudspeaker is an excellent choice. This compact loudspeaker can be used as a standalone solution or as part of a larger system, and is designed to deliver clear and intelligible audio in any space. It features a wide dispersion pattern and can be mounted on a ceiling or wall, making it a flexible solution for churches with limited floor space.

For larger churches or those looking for a more integrated solution, the Bose Professional ShowMatch DeltaQ Array Loudspeaker System is a top choice. This scalable system includes a range of loudspeakers, amplifiers, and processors, allowing for customized configurations to suit the specific needs of the church. It also features advanced DSP functions and automatic calibration, ensuring optimal audio performance and a seamless experience for the congregation.

For standalone speakers, the Bose Professional ControlSpace ESP-00 Engineered Sound Processor is a versatile option. It can be used to power a single speaker or as part of a larger system, and features Dante connectivity for easy integration. It also includes a range of DSP functions, including EQ, delay, and automatic mixing, making it easy to fine-tune the audio for any application.


From a control point of view, the Bose Professional PowerMatch PM8500N Networked Amplifier would be our choice. This powerful amplifier can drive up to eight loudspeakers and features Dante digital audio networking, allowing for easy integration with other audio systems. It also includes automatic loudspeaker compensation, ensuring optimal audio performance no matter the size or acoustics of the space.


In addition to these options, Bose Professional also offers a range of microphones, consoles, and other accessories to complete a church's sound system. With a range of solutions and a reputation for high-quality audio, Bose Professional is a top choice for churches looking to upgrade their sound systems.

No matter the size or budget of a church, there is a Bose Professional sound system solution that can meet their needs. By investing in a high-quality sound system, churches can create an immersive and engaging audio experience for their congregation, enhancing the worship experience and strengthening the sense of community.

Servicing Jamie Oliver's restaurant...

This week we were asked to attend to one of our prestigious clients in Edinburgh, The Jamie Oliver Restaurant, who had no sound within the top tier of the restaurant.

Bose Professional speakersWhen a valuable client such as Jamie Oliver has an issue which is business crucial we are always quick to respond, and ensure we have the minimum amount of disruption to their clientele, so at 7am on Tuesday morning in a quiet Edinburgh City Centre, we crept in, quickly diagnosed the problem ( The restaurant has Bose FreeSpace DS 16S speakers system for the bar area, Bose DS16F in the booth seating areas and Cloud CXA6 amplifier )

Beautiful sound now coming throughout the restaurant (as well as some amazing odours from the kitchen), and crept back out again.

Job Done!

Audio-Visual systems on ships

It is estimated that the Cruise Ship industry will spend an estimated $300M in 2018 on annual dry dock services and refits.

A huge sum of this will be on Deck, Engine and the hull however,
with the ever increasing demand from passengers to be entertained on a higher level, Cruise Ship companies have included larger sums from these budgets, to install state of the art audio visual systems.

Onboard entertainment at sea, once a weakness on many cruises, just keeps improving.

Today, you can still see piano bar acts, dance to a DJ, watch movies under the stars on outdoor LED screens on deck, or try your hand at karaoke. But the stage shows are leaps and bounds ahead of their predecessors. Long gone are the days on the large cruise ships of musical revues that use high school-caliber performers and costumes. Instead, we've entered an era of one-upmanship showcasing Broadway shows such as:

to name a few.

They are also entertaining passengers with acts including Arial trapeze artists, Celebrity singers and World-class comedians.

Digital signage is also increasingly being used to keep passengers informed of whats on and where, as well as providing “Map wayfinding and information software’

Whilst these larger companies have bigger entertainment budgets to show case these shows, some smaller cruise lines with less budgets for audio visual, stick to the old entertainment standards, such as musical revues and poolside bands with modest show lights.

They also provide multiple entertainment options and venues for every kind of cruise traveler, whether that's rock concerts, big-name lecturers, Minnie Mouse meet 'n' greets or Julliard performances.

Although we often live in a world of a certain mentality; that electronic items used for entertaining and computing should be replaced for newer more advanced equipment on an annual basis, this is not always cost effective.

Especially when running a tight ship (excuse the pun) for all cruise line companies, however with carefully planned Audio Visual maintenance programs and by employing an audio visual consultant to propose smaller scale technical upgrades, a ship audio visual system can perform well for many years.

We have over the years undertaken many projects where budgets were modest; where we have studied the performance of a cruise ships entertainment equipment and reliability, to enable us to propose Audio Visual solutions and technical upgrades, whilst incorporating existing equipment and by proposing service and maintenance programs for

We can also provide digital signed proposals for 3D map wayfinding and passenger information panels using the latest software from Via Direct.

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